A Painful Memoir Written With Grace and Love
August 21 2014
The Art of Sleeping: A Dream Journal Published
August 15 2014
The Art of the Celebrity Memoir: Publishing Candice Bergen’s Brilliant Bestseller
August 13 2014
Finding the Words to Describe a Nightmare
July 31 2014

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A Story That Took 10 Years To Tell
July 23 2014
The Intriguing Story of the Down-to-Earth Man Who Was First on the Moon
July 16 2014
This Book Is Hard To Read and That’s Why You Should Read It
July 11 2014
An Encounter with the Divine: Getting to Know Bette Midler
June 27 2014
A Memoir That Turns Tragedy Into Poetry
June 12 2014
Even Literary Agents Have Their Favorite Books
June 11 2014
The Powerful Story of Almost Saving Anne Frank
June 10 2014
5 Memorable Graveyards in Literature
May 29 2014
A Memoir With the Power to Make You Laugh and Cry
May 22 2014
It’s Always Something: Lessons I Learned as an Editor in Hollywood
May 21 2014
Panic Attack Over Condiments? Par for the Course If You’ve Got a Monkey Mind
May 20 2014
Inside a Great Writer’s Mind — Literally
May 14 2014
What You Don’t Know Can Kill You
May 12 2014
A (Self) Portrait of an Artist as a Young Musician: Bob Dylan’s Chronicles
May 6 2014
“The loudest, rowdiest, most drunken party of my life…with several hundred Hasidic men” -A. J. Jacobs
May 2 2014
The Piercing Wit of Oscar Wilde, the Satirical Fearlessness of Jonathan Swift, and the Cheer of Grumpy Cat
April 30 2014
Funny, Sad, and Strange: The Wonderful World of We Learn Nothing
April 29 2014
Like Having A Good Chat With a Friend-of-a-Friend at a Cocktail Party
April 28 2014
Passion, Courage and Heartbreak: Living on Both Sides of el Otra Lada
April 24 2014
From Ethiopia to Top Chef the Journey of a Thousand Dishes Started with a Mother’s Love
April 21 2014

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