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September 15 2023
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August 9 2023
Rediscovered Reviews: 5 Masterful Books That Balance Plot and Prose
April 11 2023
A Speculative Fiction Gem Imparting Valuable Wisdom on Life’s Purpose
January 27 2023

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A Profound Historical Novel about Slavery, Sacrifice, and Survival
February 19 2021
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January 15 2021
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The Best of 2020: The Top 10 Reviews of the Year
December 15 2020
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An Ingenious, Interactive Gift Book for Lovers of Literature
December 11 2020
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A WWII Historical Novel of Hope and Resistance to Light Up the Darkness
November 27 2020
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A Victorian Era Mystery Novel That Will Leave You Hopelessly Enchanted
November 6 2020
History’s Forgotten Heroine: The Inspiration Behind the Magical Novel The Lost Queen
October 28 2020
An Emotionally Powerful Coming-of-Age Novel That Will Stop You in Your Tracks
September 25 2020
A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Memoir About Identity and Fighting for a Place in the World
September 4 2020
A Fierce and Honest Depiction of Gold Medalist Aly Raisman’s Olympian Life
August 7 2020

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