Posts by Abby Zidle

A Twisty Mystery Novel That Makes You Think AND Feel
February 17 2022
The Last Garden in England book
5 World War II-Era Novels Featuring Brave Women Who Persevere
January 21 2021
7 Historical Novels with Resilient Characters to Pick Up When the Going Gets Tough
July 17 2020
A Story of Love and Loss Set Against The Backdrop of 1950s Iran That Will Send You on An Emotional Journey
February 4 2020
6 Books to Read on Girls in Aviation Day
October 12 2018
“Sex and the City” Is 20 Years Old! These 8 Books Will Make It Seem Like Yesterday
June 5 2018
10 Books About Siblings That’ll Make You Grateful for Your Own
April 10 2018

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