Posts by Pronoy Sarkar

A Penetrating Exploration of Communication in the Digital Age
May 11 2015
Experiencing Humiliation
February 16 2015
There’s Something About This Man They Call James Baldwin
December 5 2014
When Writers Write For Themselves
November 21 2014
A Wry and Hilarious Novel About the Insecurities of Adulthood
October 27 2014
Finding Myself in Junot Diaz
October 3 2014
Eccentric Metaphors For Books – Rich Chocolate Cake and Drawn-On Mustaches
September 12 2014
When T.S. Eliot Wrote Poems About Cats
September 5 2014
Stumbling Onto Great Ideas at A Book Sale
August 19 2014
Finding the Words to Describe a Nightmare
July 31 2014
The Day America Joined With Nazi Germany
July 17 2014
The Writer Who Made Me Cry On the Ride to Work
July 4 2014
What Meeting A Legendary Author Taught Me About Myself
June 3 2014
A Funny and Insightful Book About A Topic Nobody Wants to Discuss
May 30 2014
Woe and Redemption: Colm Tóibín’s The Blackwater Lightship
March 20 2014
A Lifelong Love Affair with Books
February 25 2014

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