Historical Fiction

A Classic Travel Memoir that Explores Interwar Europe
June 19 2015
America’s Historian: Celebrating David McCullough’s Fifty-Year Career
June 9 2015
The Intimate Relationship Between Editor and Author
April 29 2015
An Absorbing and Elegiac Look Behind the Iron Curtain
March 27 2015

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How a Walk Through Venice Inspired Me to Write a Novel
January 14 2015
Faking It Till You Make It
December 19 2014
A Queen More Fascinating Than Cleopatra and Twice as Beautiful
December 10 2014
A Life Without Enemies
September 26 2014
Why I Think Reading Is The Ultimate Luxury
September 10 2014
I Needed This Book to Understand Everything I Love Reading
September 1 2014
My Magician Is Better Than Yours….
August 20 2014
A Stretch of Water That Changed The World
August 7 2014
The Day America Joined With Nazi Germany
July 17 2014
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction…or is it?
June 16 2014
We Stand Alone Together: The Brilliant Tale of Easy Company
June 6 2014
This Not-So-Scary Stephen King Novel Is One of His Best Ever
April 10 2014
The Best Time Travel Book Ever Gets Even Better
April 9 2014
The Secret Lives of the Haitian Undead
March 18 2014

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