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The Mary Tyler Moore TBR: 8 Books with Awesome Women to Feed Your Inner Mary Richards
September 18 2020
An Ode to Indies: 12 Wonderful Books I Found At Independent Bookstores
April 14 2020
6 Harrowing Novels and Memoirs About Living in North Korea
January 29 2020
One Small Step: 7 Otherworldly Books About the Moon and Space
July 19 2019

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If You Loved These Novels, Read These Fascinating Nonfiction Books
January 8 2019
I Dissent: 8 Books About the Unstoppable Ruth Bader Ginsburg
December 20 2018
Stories from the Border: 7 Deeply Moving Books About Immigration
August 3 2018
The 5 Best Books I Read During My Commute
April 11 2018
9 Historical Novels That Offer New Perspectives of Our World
April 2 2018
Rain, Snow, or Shine: 9 Books to Read For Any Winter Weather Forecast
February 28 2018
Take a Look, It’s In a Book: Off the Shelf’s Own Reading Rainbow
January 4 2018
Win or Lose, You’ll Love These 10 Books About Games
November 6 2017
9 Tales of Intrigue, Suspense and Disaster Set on Ocean Liners
October 25 2017
Our Favorite Bookish Pets Read, Recommend, and Repeat
August 25 2017
12 Books to Celebrate the Solar Eclipse
August 21 2017
Books Behind Bars: 12 Outstanding Works of Prison Lit
July 6 2017
13 Oceanfront Books to Tide You Over Until Your Next Beach Vacation
June 8 2017
12 Book Recommendations for Every Month of the Year
June 1 2017
The Book I Can’t Wait For You to Read
May 10 2017
The Book That Launched a Beloved Author
February 3 2017
Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds: Writers We’ll Miss
January 26 2017
14 Monumental Books to Read on the Anniversary of Pearl Harbor
December 7 2016
13 Book Recommendations from the Gilmore Girls Themselves
November 22 2016
November 16 2016

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