My Top 10 Favorite Signed Books

August 7 2019
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heard people question why others get so excited over signed books, and my
answer is, “How do you not get excited over signed books??” I’ve
definitely been the person who bought an extra copy of Looking for Alaska
by John Green simply because it was signed. I once waited four hours to get
books signed by Neil Gaiman, and I have traveled way too far, way too many
times, to have things autographed by Scott Westerfeld. (I’m a bit obsessed.) I
love the experience of meeting an author—ideally—but there’s also just
something special about having a copy that’s signed. Yes, I don’t know why. I
don’t question it. I just keep collecting them.

without further ado, for my fellow signed-book lovers, here are ten of my
favorite autographed books on my shelves.

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