Posts by Erin Madison

12 Book Recommendations for Every Month of the Year
June 1 2017
The Book I Can’t Wait For You to Read
May 10 2017
The Book That Launched a Beloved Author
February 3 2017
Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds: Writers We’ll Miss
January 26 2017
14 Monumental Books to Read on the Anniversary of Pearl Harbor
December 7 2016
13 Book Recommendations from the Gilmore Girls Themselves
November 22 2016
November 16 2016
12 Fascinating Historical Novels That Will Transport You to Another Time
October 11 2016
15 WWII Novels Beyond Europe’s Shores
September 1 2016
An Exquisite Novel About a Forgotten Piece of History
August 8 2016
A Dishy and Witty Novel Perfect for Your Prada Bag
June 24 2016
A Haunting Novel That Tests the Boundaries of Good and Evil
May 4 2016
A Gripping Saga of Murder, Treason, and Family Intrigue That Inspired a Television Phenomenon
April 22 2016
Celebrating 100 Years of Pulitzer Prize-Winning Fiction
April 12 2016
10 Books Coming to a Movie Theater Near You
February 25 2016
A Groundbreaking Love Story of Art and Identity
February 24 2016
An Extraordinary Kaleidoscopic Novel of World War II
January 6 2016
A Novel About Finding Strength Amidst Tragedy
November 18 2015
16 Remarkable Stories by Jewish Authors
November 12 2015
A Tale of Murder, Marriage, and the Mormon Church
October 23 2015
A Harrowing Novel of Evil and Redemption
September 25 2015
13 Enthralling Boarding School Novels
August 25 2015
Short Stories to Obsess Over
August 12 2015
Good Things Come in Small Packages: 11 Short Story Collections to Savor
July 30 2015

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