6 Forking Great Reads for Your Faves in The Good Place

September 25 2019
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the new (and final!) season of The Good Place premiering September 26,
you can bet I have very little else on my mind (–7,000 points for focusing on
nothing but a TV show and not saving the planet or snails instead).

I’ve rewatched every episode (–8,000 points for the electricity used; –2,000
points for not giving time to other television shows).

I’ve cried over the fact that this near perfect sitcom must come to an end (–20,000
points for the tissues used, which elevate my carbon footprint).

I’ve followed all the actors on Twitter (+10 points for supporting another
human being;

points for being on Twitter).

I’ve contemplated my own mortality and morality, the meaning of space and time,
and obviously, the trolley problem (–5,000 points for the work I didn’t get
done while doing so; +100 points because one less tree was killed due to the
things I didn’t print).

still, I’ve found myself with a bit too much time on my hands while waiting for
Season 4, and in order to fill the time, I’ve decided to do what I do best:
recommend books! So, without further ado, here are my recommendations for what our
favorite Good Place characters should read, which they’ll likely have no
time to do now that they’re a bit busy fighting for all our souls… (+1,000
points for reading; –20,000 points for the number of trees murdered for these
books; –2,000 points for the books I wasn’t able to recommend while
recommending others;

points for the books on this list I’m claiming to have read but haven’t; –1,000
points for the slightly cheesy list concept; –2,000 points for creating my own
point system and making up point values).

Point total due to
writing this article: –94,890

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