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10 Great Books for Fans of “Jane the Virgin”
May 23 2017
9 Books for Fans of “Twin Peaks”
May 18 2017
Love a Good Unreliable Narrator? How About Three?
April 24 2017
We’re Obsessed With Stephen King’s Badass Feminist Anti-Hero, Dolores Claiborne
April 10 2017

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10 Royal Reads for Fans of “The Crown”
March 23 2017
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February 24 2017
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January 11 2017
One Nation, Under Gods: Why Neil Gaiman’s Classic is More Relevant than Ever
December 14 2016
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December 12 2016
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November 22 2016
14 Book Recommendations Based On Your Favorite TV Shows
October 24 2016
The Ultimate Underdog Story
September 19 2016
A Stephen King Collection Awash in Twisted Hope and Wonder
September 7 2016
Pass the Popcorn: 10 Books to Read Before They Hit the Big Screen
August 11 2016
Jack Reacher: Double-Agent, Vagabond, Adonis
July 29 2016
13 Books from Mindy Kaling’s Bookshelf That Will Make You Love Her Even More
July 28 2016
Come On In, the Water’s Fine
July 6 2016
Reading Nora: 12 Essential Books for Every Nora Ephron Fan
July 5 2016
A Hilarious Memoir of an Awkward Life
July 1 2016
9 Books You’ll Need to Ease Your “Outlander” Withdrawal
June 30 2016
A Dishy and Witty Novel Perfect for Your Prada Bag
June 24 2016
A Legendary Jazz Musician with a Penchant for Nice Shoes
May 30 2016
Intrigue, War, Betrayal: Two Queens Loved and Scorned
May 25 2016
A Haunting Novel That Tests the Boundaries of Good and Evil
May 4 2016

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