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10 Medieval Era Books to Deepen Your Love of Historical Fiction
November 16 2021
Person sitting on a couch reading
11 True Crime Tales of the Rich and Famous
October 8 2021
All That Glitters: 8 Dazzling Books about Jewelry
August 12 2021
Magnifying glass on a pile of books
8 Unsolved Mystery Reads for True Crime Fans to Untangle
January 28 2021

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Old books in piles and bookshelves
Dive into the True Stories Behind Your Favorite Historical Fiction Books
November 12 2020
Bloody Brilliant! 13 British Horror Stories to Give You a Fright
October 15 2020
Let Your Imagination Soar with These 9 Bird-Inspired Titles
June 25 2020
8 Unforgettable True Stories of Women Who Made Their Mark on History
March 5 2020
8 Wintery Books We’re *Snow* Excited to Curl Up With On Frosty Days
January 27 2020
8 Gripping True Crime Reads You Need to Add to Your Shelf Today
December 18 2019
The Cult Classic Full of Colorful Characters That Will Restore Your Faith In Good
December 6 2019
7 Far-Out Reads That Will Feed Your 70s Nostalgia
November 27 2019
A Literary Tour to the Spookiest Destinations on Earth
October 23 2019
8 FANtastic Books for the Literati Geek in You
October 15 2019
The 5 Best Books for Bookworms Who Love Learning Something New
September 11 2019
Tell About the South: 11 Southern Gothic Tales You Need to Read
May 14 2019
The Best Narrative Nonfiction Books for Non-Nonfiction Readers
April 4 2019
What to Read Based on Your Favorite “Twilight Zone” Episode
April 1 2019
8 Fascinating Novels of Ancient Folklore, Mythology, and Gods
March 19 2019
HERstory: 10 Books About Overlooked Women of History
March 8 2019
12 Historical Novels to Transport You to Uncommon Eras
January 30 2019
8 Scandalous Reads Featuring the Real Housewives of Literature
January 9 2019
¡Wepa!: 10 Books That Celebrate Puerto Rico’s Rich Culture
January 4 2019
#LastLines: 18 Perfect Book Quotes to Celebrate the End 2018
December 31 2018

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