Posts by Kerry Fiallo

Who Wrote That?: 12 Books Written Under Pen Names
October 6 2016
8 Books That Will Make You Laugh When Politics Make You Want to Cry
September 22 2016
The More, the Merrier: 12 Books Penned By Multiple Authors
September 15 2016
13 Books About Books for Big Book Nerds
September 13 2016

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12 Engaging Reads for Students in Life’s Classroom
September 6 2016
Dickens Meets Austen in This Novel of Britain’s Industrial Revolution
August 5 2016
A Laugh-Out-Loud Look at American History
July 22 2016
11 Fascinating Books That Will Turn You Into a True Crime Junkie
July 14 2016
Come On In, the Water’s Fine
July 6 2016
Star-crossed Lovers and Bygone Times
January 27 2016

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