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The True Story Behind Ron Howard’s Forthcoming Movie “In the Heart of the Sea”
October 14 2015
A Harrowing Novel of Evil and Redemption
September 25 2015
Matt Damon and the Unexpected Pleasure of Science and Space
September 21 2015
13 Bookish Movies Now Streaming on Netflix
September 17 2015
A Novel that Explores the Dark Underbelly of the American Dream
September 16 2015
A Summery Novel of Sisters and Honey
August 10 2015
Piper’s Prison Book Club: 10 Books from Orange Is the New Black
July 28 2015
A Loveable Curmudgeon That Book Clubs Will Adore
July 20 2015
13 Books You’ll Want to Read Before They Hit the Big Screen
July 14 2015
Addicted to Outlander? 11 Books to Read During the Long Wait for Season Two
June 4 2015
Ken Burns: The Books Behind the Documentaries
March 31 2015
The Book That Inspired a Holiday Cult Classic Film
December 23 2014
The Real Story Behind Benedict Cumberbatch’s Imitation Game
November 24 2014
The Stephen King Novella that Became a Suspense-Filled Lifetime Movie
October 16 2014
17 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Stephen King Books
8 Book Characters Robin Williams Made Better
August 19 2014
The Princess Bride You Didn’t Meet In The Movie
August 18 2014
F. Scott Fitzgerald Does Magical Realism
July 29 2014

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