Posts by Hilary Krutt

Imprisoned by His Body, a Man’s Soul Takes Flight in This Incredible Memoir
August 24 2018
Only the Lost Can Be Found
July 28 2017
A Doctor’s Final Reckoning With Death
January 18 2017
Soldier On, My Friends, Love Is Just a Swipe Away
July 13 2016
This Land is Your Land: 13 Literary Pit Stops Across the USA
May 24 2016
12 Books that Illuminate the Beautiful and Complex History of Cuba
May 12 2016
11 Powerful Stories of Addiction and What Comes After
May 10 2016
13 Lena Dunham-Approved Books You Need to Read Right Now
April 14 2016
A Tale of Two Lovable Misanthropes in Haute Paris
April 1 2016
A Childhood Memoir That’s Stranger Than Fiction
March 4 2016
12 Novels that Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple
February 2 2016
13 Significant Books on Civil Rights for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 14 2016
An Electrifying Modern Classic about Growing Up and Growing Apart
December 21 2015
A Son’s Stirring Memoir of His Father’s Death
November 11 2015
Get Lost in this Mind-Bending Postmodern Masterpiece
October 7 2015
This Poignant and Delectable Memoir Isn’t Just About Pizza
September 30 2015
An Ambitious, Dazzling Novel of Intertwined Lives
August 21 2015
Piper’s Prison Book Club: 10 Books from Orange Is the New Black
July 28 2015
Get Your Kicks with This 8 Book Tour of Route 66
July 21 2015
11 Novels that Explore the Beautiful and Complex Bonds of Sisterhood
June 23 2015
A Stunning Novel that Captures the Quiet Anguish of the Everyday
June 22 2015
11 Books to Help You Reinvent Yourself This Spring
May 14 2015
A Dystopian Novel That Ignites and Enchants
May 6 2015
A Polarizing, Unforgettable Journey into the Alaskan Wild
April 22 2015

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