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A Gripping Saga of Murder, Treason, and Family Intrigue That Inspired a Television Phenomenon
April 22 2016
An Enchanting Tale of Magnificent Friendship
April 8 2016
A Childhood Memoir That’s Stranger Than Fiction
March 4 2016
10 Tantalizing Tales to Ease Your Downton Abbey Withdrawal
March 3 2016

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War, Cheap Alcohol, and Good Old-Fashioned Journalism
February 26 2016
Which 2016 Book to Movie Title Should You Read Next?
February 25 2016
10 Books Coming to a Movie Theater Near You
A Groundbreaking Love Story of Art and Identity
February 24 2016
12 Oscar Nominated Films You Never Knew Were Based on Books
February 23 2016
Which Oscar-Nominated Book Adaptation Should You Read and Watch Next?
February 22 2016
An American Dream: The Novel Behind the Academy Award-Nominated Film
Castles, Kilts, and Combat . . . and a Love Story for Good Measure
January 29 2016
Star-crossed Lovers and Bygone Times
January 27 2016
The Heartrending Collision of Love and Morality
January 20 2016
Walk a Mile in a Villain’s Shoes
December 11 2015
The Scary, Strangely Enticing Future
November 25 2015
How a Book Can Change Your Life
October 26 2015
A Master of Fiction Weaves Together Three Women’s Lives
October 19 2015
Indian Kitchens from the Inside Out
October 16 2015
The True Story Behind Ron Howard’s Forthcoming Movie “In the Heart of the Sea”
October 14 2015
A Harrowing Novel of Evil and Redemption
September 25 2015
Matt Damon and the Unexpected Pleasure of Science and Space
September 21 2015
13 Bookish Movies Now Streaming on Netflix
September 17 2015
A Novel that Explores the Dark Underbelly of the American Dream
September 16 2015

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