The Secret Lives of the Haitian Undead
March 18 2014
A Book to Read Slowly, in Small Bites, and Savor
March 17 2014
A Journey Between Fact and Fiction
March 14 2014
A Magician More Powerful than Dumbledore: Mary Stewart’s Merlin
March 13 2014

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Lisa Genova’s 2009 Debut Novel is Still Heart-Wrenching
March 12 2014
The Glass Castle author Jeannette Walls’s Brilliant Fiction Debut
March 11 2014
The Real Story of the Boy Who Wanted His Lunch in a Paper Bag
March 10 2014
Max Brooks’s WORLD WAR Z: Can the World Survive a Zombie Plague?
March 7 2014
Ode de Parfum: A Natural History of the Senses
March 6 2014
Everlasting Showstopper: A FRACTION OF THE WHOLE by Steve Toltz
March 5 2014
What I Look for When I Edit
Being Born Twice Sometimes Works Better: Jeffrey Eugenides’s MIDDLESEX
March 4 2014
Frankly, My Dear, I Do Give a Damn: Why Reading Gone with the Wind is Such Fun
March 3 2014
A Brilliant Debut That Continues to Enthrall
February 27 2014
Not Your Grandma’s Debut Novel
February 26 2014
A Lifelong Love Affair with Books
February 25 2014
Jane Eyre on Steroids
February 24 2014
Better Than Flynn: A Book to Read if You Love Gone Girl
February 21 2014
The Stuff Little Girls Are Made Of
February 20 2014
Meet Your Match: Patti Stanger Tells You How to Find The Right One
February 19 2014
On Foot, But Never Pedestrian: Taking a Walk with Richard Paul Evans
February 18 2014

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