Posts by Kevin Myers

This Classic Brought My Cold Dead Heart Back to Life
December 18 2014
Hack Into This Controversial Book
November 17 2014
You Won’t Get Ebola From This Book
October 28 2014
A Book to Make You So Angry You’ll Do Anything to Help
October 24 2014
When U2’s Bono Went to Broadway
October 7 2014
A Book About 9/11 That Feels The Same Way You Do
September 11 2014
The Most Epic and Beautiful Post-Apocalyptic Novel You’ll Ever Read
September 2 2014
Drinking, Smoking and Swearing: It’s Called Fun
July 1 2014
In Communist Russia, Spy Novel Reads YOU!
June 9 2014
Why Is The Book Almost Always Better Than The Movie?
June 5 2014
It’s The Hunger Games. With Vampires. SWEET!
May 16 2014
What If George R.R. Martin Found a Portal in Time?
April 11 2014
8 Books To Read When You’re Sick of Studying for the SAT
March 27 2014
Lisa Genova’s 2009 Debut Novel is Still Heart-Wrenching
March 12 2014
Max Brooks’s WORLD WAR Z: Can the World Survive a Zombie Plague?
March 7 2014

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