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We Love Leo: 12 Books Leonardo DiCaprio Brought to the Silver Screen

I think we can all agree that Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2016 Oscar for Best Actor was hard-won. But even before he brought Michael Punke’s novel, THE REVENANT, to life, DiCaprio had a long history of delivering phenomenal performances in book-to-film adaptations. Though he’s noticeably absent from this year’s Oscar ballot, we’re still swooning over Leo. From his teen-heartthrob days to his most powerful performances, here’s a look a Leonardo DiCaprio’s career in page-to-screen adaptations.

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What Happens After Happily-Ever-After?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fall under the highly infectious spell of the onerous and brutally sarcastic Will Traynor. From his peculiar choice of greeting when meeting Louisa Clark to his scowls at anything remotely enjoyable she suggested—I couldn’t help it, I fell madly in love with the guy. And honestly, I think that’s the feeling that Jojo Moyes’s ME BEFORE YOU was meant to evoke. But after a love like Will, what next?

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One Nation, Under Gods: Why Neil Gaiman’s Classic is More Relevant than Ever

When I was a senior in college, I wanted to try something different. Experiment, if you will. I was 20 years old, at a liberal arts college. No parents! No consequences! I was going to rebel, I was going to rage against the machine, and break away from all the traditions I had been raised in. I was going to finally do the one thing I had always wanted to do.

I was going to read Neil Gaiman.

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15 Incredible Movies That Started As Books

Last year’s Oscar nominations were overflowing with book-to-film adaptations: THE MARTIAN, BROOKLYN, and ROOM all got the silver-screen treatment, and their film counterparts conquered at the Academy Awards. Many more of your favorite movies were also borrowed from the pages of incredible books. Here are some adaptations you may have missed.

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The Ultimate Underdog Story

“The Queen of Katwe” will hit the silver screen in Disney’s highly anticipated adaptation this month and stars Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo. Like “The Blind Side,” the film brings to life the story of an underdog whose drive and commitment allows them to overcome incredible odds in life and in sports. The new film is based on THE QUEEN OF KATWE: ONE GIRL’S TRIUMPHANT PATH TO BECOMING A CHESS CHAMPION by Tim Crothers—a true, moving, and triumphant account of a young girl who rises out of unlikely circumstances to become an international chess star.

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Pass the Popcorn: 10 Books to Read Before They Hit the Big Screen

From children’s classics to fairytale backstories, dramatic thrillers to inspiring biographies, books have always been source material for some of our greatest and most cherished films. Stories can live on the page and in our minds, but there’s nothing quite like seeing them come to life before your eyes. Here are some of the titles we can’t wait to see in theaters this year and beyond.

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Come On In, the Water’s Fine

Growing up on the Jersey Shore, summer meant three things to me: ice cream, boardwalk rides, and sharks. Sharks and New Jersey always went hand in hand in my mind because of one strange, isolated anomaly of nature: the Jersey Shore shark attacks of early July 1916. A century later, the effects of these attacks, in which five people were bitten—and only one survived—still reverberate not only in New Jersey but throughout the national consciousness.

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9 Books You’ll Need to Ease Your Outlander Withdrawal

“Outlander’s” season two finale is just around the corner. Happily, the Starz hit has been renewed for seasons three and four but we all know what will follow after this weekend’s finale—major withdrawal for all things historical romance, fantasy, and court intrigue. To help with your symptoms, we’ve gathered together a list of books to make the long wait till season three all that more bearable.

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A Dishy and Witty Novel Perfect for Your Prada Bag

As a fourteen-year-old with plans of becoming a journalist or a publishing professional and a love for Anne Hathaway, it’s not surprising that I watched “The Devil Wears Prada” many, many times. Then, as is my habit, once I discovered it was based on a novel, I bought what is now an incredibly beat-up movie tie-in edition with Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep’s faces on the back cover.

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA by Lauren Weisberger is still the book I turn to when I need an amusing, lighthearted read with quirky, entertaining characters and a side of dish.

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A Legendary Jazz Musician with a Penchant for Nice Shoes

In the mid-1980s my new assistant came to Simon & Schuster from a law firm in Atlanta that specialized in entertainment law. Together, we went over the firm’s list of clients and agreed that one we most wanted to sign up for Simon & Schuster was Miles Davis. I had long been a fan of Miles’s music. As it turned out, Miles was ready to tell his story. Before long we had his autobiography under contract, pending a meeting in person.

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