Posts by Leora Bernstein

In Conversation: Why We Still Love THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER After 20 Years
October 30 2019
The Best Books to Get You Ready for 2020
June 19 2019
7 Books That Are Completely Different Than Their Adaptations
May 22 2019
The Perfect Book to Refresh Your Outlook on Life
April 30 2019
Psychological Thrillers that Will Psyche You Out
March 6 2019
7 Grammy-Nominated Audiobooks for Your Listening Pleasure
February 8 2019
A Taut Thriller With an Ending You Won’t See Coming
February 6 2019
8 Riveting Sci-Fi Reads for People Who Don’t Like Sci-Fi
January 14 2019
13 Hilarious Memoirs From Our Favorite Comedians
March 1 2016
11 Mouth Watering Cookbooks to Give—or Receive—This Holiday Season
December 17 2015
Walk a Mile in a Villain’s Shoes
December 11 2015
The Scary, Strangely Enticing Future
November 25 2015
Bookstores, Babies, and Moments That Make Up a Storied Life
November 13 2015
Sometimes All You Need Is Nora Ephron and Blueberry Pie
October 30 2015
A Beautiful Tapestry of Whimsy and Wonder
October 21 2015
Mozart in the Jungle: A Memoir of Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music
August 3 2015
An Inspiring Memoir of Self-Discovery
July 13 2015

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