11 Books You Should Read Based On Your Favorite “Stranger Things” Character

WARNING: Season 1 Stranger Things spoilers ahead!

So you’ve almost reached peak Stranger Things mania. You’ve built your Joyce Byers Halloween costume with cardboard and Christmas lights. You even attended a vigil for Barb (and cried more than when your cat died). All you can do now is wait until Halloween for Season 2, right? Wrong! Our friends at Glommable [hyperlink:] are coming through with the best for last: the Stranger Things Book Generator!

They’ve chosen the perfect book recommendation based on your favorite Stranger Things character. Whether you’re a classic Eleven superfan or you’re crushing on Hopper, there’s a great book for you here.

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7 Books for Unabashed Francophiles

I have been an unabashed Francophile almost all my life. But I’m certainly not the first American to be captivated by France. We all know the classics—Ernest Hemingway’s A MOVEABLE FEAST, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s TENDER IS THE NIGHT, Julia Child’s MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING—but we remain as obsessed in our modern day as we did then. So, I’m recommending these 7 modern books by and for French-obsessed Americans.

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9 Great Books for Fans of “Jane the Virgin”

Since she was a little girl, Jane Gloriana Villanueva has always done everything by the book—including vowing to remain a virgin until marriage at her abuela’s admonishing. Who would have guessed that as a 23-year-old virgin, getting “accidentally” artificially inseminated (and all the crazy shenanigans that naturally follow) would threaten to derail her entire life’s plan? I know! Straight out of a telenovela!

As season three of the CW hit “Jane the Virgin” comes to a close and Jane’s life continues to spin out of control, I’m craving more stories like this one. An unimaginable tale told in chapters (with twists you don’t see coming), it’s only right that we offer a “Jane the Virgin” reading list. Whether you’re a superfan of the hit TV show, or if you’re just in the mood for a great new read, you’ll love these 9 books.

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11 Inspiring Reads for Recent Graduates

At the George Washington University 2010 commencement, Michelle Obama gave an awe-inspiring address and a call to action, which I know my fellow classmates have since carried out in their lives. “Keep going. Keep giving. Keep engaging,” she told us, and her words still inspire my passions today. Graduation season often contains a cocktail of emotion: from joy to confusion to anxiety to relief. Luckily for the class of 2017, there are words—spoken and written—to help with the transition to the next stage in life and beyond. Even if you’re not graduating, this time of year—the flowers, the weather, and the sunshine—often brings welcome feelings of new beginnings after a long, dark winter. Here are 11 commencement speakers—and their cherished books—to guide you through whatever new beginning awaits you this summer.

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Two Books Sure to Please Downton Abbey Lovers

If you walk or use public transportation on a regular basis, you’re probably familiar with the recurring nightmare where you fall, injure yourself, and thus are entirely, and utterly, screwed. This nightmare entered my waking life this February. One slip on the ice and my left ankle was in a cast for six weeks.

Perhaps it was Valentine’s Day inspired, or simply kismet, but as I was looking for some comforting reading to suit my newly injured mood, I saw a recommendation of Nancy Mitford’s novels THE PURSUIT OF LOVE and LOVE IN A COLD CLIMATE.

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9 Books for Fans of “Twin Peaks”

Fans have been waiting more than a quarter of a century to return to Twin Peaks and discover what has happened to Special Agent Dale Cooper, Audrey, and our other favorite characters from the cult TV series.  We’re now in the home stretch before the new show airs on Showtime. There’s just enough time for you to read these fascinating and eerie titles, all inspired by or derived directly from the “Twin Peaks” story line.

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Readers’ Choice: The Top 10 Books on Off the Shelf Right Now

Many of our longtime Off the Shelf subscribers have already discovered “Your Shelf” on our website. If you’re new here, you can create your own reading list from books you find on with our “Your Shelf” feature.

To start building “Your Shelf,” simply sign up for an Off the Shelf account. Then, when you see a book you want to add to your reading list, click “Add to Your Shelf” next to the book cover, and we’ll save your favorites for you.

These are the ten “most shelved” books on Off the Shelf right now.

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Books About Books: 8 Unputdownable Literary Mysteries

Sit back, Off the Shelf readers, we’re getting meta here. If you love mysteries and you love books, then let us recommend one of our favorite genres: the literary mystery where books themselves are at the center of the puzzle. Here are 8 novels featuring whodunits and riddles with a bookish bent.

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Give Your Mom a Beautiful Book-quet for Mother’s Day

While I‘m a firm believer that it is always the right time to buy flowers, Mother’s Day in particular is the perfect reason to pick up a bouquet of your mom’s favorites. Daisies, lilies, hydrangeas, tulips—any of these will brighten up her day and her counter or nightstand. Having worked in a florist shop in high school, I am somewhat averse to roses (stripping thorns from stems is just as awful as it sounds) but a huge fan of aromatic hyacinths and beautiful peonies! How clever would it be to pair those pretty petals with a book matching their name? The titles below do just that, and your mom will be as engrossed in these varied tales of love, loss, mystery, and devotion as I was. Happy Mother’s Day!

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These 9 Stories of Immersive Journalism Will Broaden Your Perspective

There’s no better way to learn about the lives of others than through books. Though novels can put us in the heads and hearts of interesting and unforgettable characters, it’s through immersive narrative nonfiction that we can break out of our daily routines and embrace a world that is more memorable than fiction. To get you started, here is a list of nine of my favorite nonfiction journeys.

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