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10 Page-Turners So Thrilling You Won’t Notice You Lost an Hour of Sleep
March 12 2021
10 Historical Novels about Orphans and the Power of Found Family
March 11 2021
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Book Sommelier: 7 Full-Bodied Reads from the Literary Vineyard
March 10 2021
Pile of books with a colorful backdrop
Books as Lifeboats: 6 Novels That Carried Us through the Last Year
March 9 2021

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Woman browsing the bookstore shelves
The 8 Books I Recommended Most Often as a Bookseller
March 8 2021
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10 Lush, Lively Books to Remind You Spring’s Just Around the Corner
March 5 2021
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Masterful Storytelling: 10 Novels Worth Savoring
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10 Absorbing Reads That Bring Real Women of History Back to Life
March 3 2021
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Readers’ Choice: Your 9 Favorite Classics and What to Read Next
March 2 2021
March eBook Deals: 10 Enthralling Reads to Add to Your Digital Library
March 1 2021
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February 26 2021
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Our 16 Most Anticipated New Reads of March
February 24 2021
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Longing to Travel? Explore France with These 9 Magnifique Reads
February 23 2021
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10 Heartwarming Reads That’ll Melt the Winter Cold Away
February 22 2021
7 Awe-Inspiring Reads That Transcend Genre
February 18 2021
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8 Mesmerizing Gothic Novels to Read While the Winter Winds Blow
February 17 2021
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Book Haul: What Inspired Us to Pick Up the 8 Newest Additions to Our Shelves
February 16 2021
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12 Heart-Stirring Books New in Paperback This February
February 15 2021
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7 Deeply Satisfying Reads with Happily Single Protagonists
February 12 2021
The Paris Library Author Recommends 5 Courageous Characters Who Inspire Her
February 11 2021
February eBook Deals: 7 Captivating Books to Add to Your Digital Library
February 10 2021
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Author Picks: 6 Epic Love Stories, Twisted by Time
February 9 2021
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6 Books That Made Us Fall Back in Love With Reading
February 8 2021
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7 New Speculative Novels I Can’t Wait to Read This Spring
February 5 2021

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