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New in Paperback: 10 November Releases with Emotional Depth
November 14 2023
Piles of paperback books
New in Paperback: 10 October Releases That’ll Make Your Month
October 23 2023
Chaotic Pile of Books in a Library
8 New Debut Novels from Breakthrough Literary Talents
September 20 2023
Piles of paperback books
New in Paperback: 10 September Releases to Look Forward to
September 5 2023

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Rose flower inside of a book
10 Romance Series to Pick Up on Bookstore Romance Day
August 18 2023
New in Paperback: 10 August Releases to Soak Up With the Sun
August 8 2023
10 Sun-Soaked Thrillers & Mysteries Set on the Beach
July 27 2023
New in Paperback: 11 July Releases to Dip into This Summer
July 11 2023
10 Debut Novels Heating Up This Summer
June 29 2023
New in Paperback: 11 June Releases Ripe for Summer Reading
June 13 2023
New in Paperback: 12 May Releases Begging for Some Sun
May 23 2023
Paperback book beside flowers
New in Paperback: 10 April Book Releases in Full Bloom
April 26 2023
Piles of paperback books
New in Paperback: 12 March Releases with Perfect Timing
March 21 2023
Piles of paperback books
New in Paperback: 10 February Releases Awaiting Your Meet-Cute
February 15 2023
10 Insightful Novels That May Just Heal Your Soul
December 1 2022
8 Fall Debut Novels That Evoke the Thrill of New Discoveries
October 11 2022
8 Evocative Southern Novels to Enjoy with Sweet Tea
September 8 2022
10 Long Books That Fly By
August 1 2022
8 Classic Stories Twisted into New Tales
May 18 2022
Woman reading in the sunshine
7 Books That Make You Feel Like a Main Character
March 22 2022

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