Jack Reacher: Double-Agent, Vagabond, Adonis

When my three sons were young, my bag was always full. From sunscreen to hand sanitizer to juice boxes, it was packed to the brim. My schedule was always just as jammed with playdates and soccer practice and doctors’ appointments. That overly full time was also when Jack Reacher came into my life, and I freely admit to being slightly obsessed with Lee Child’s wildly popular series.

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13 Books from Mindy Kaling’s Bookshelf That Will Make You Love Her Even More

I can’t tell you the exact moment I declared Mindy Kaling my role model—maybe it was when I learned she penned some of my favorite episodes of “The Office,” or when I crowned her my personal fashion idol, or perhaps it was when her “The Mindy Project” character, Mindy Lahiri, hung a “Wreath Witherspoon” on her door and inspired DIY projects across the blogosphere. But I can tell you for certain my love for Mindy Kaling was solidified when I learned she loves books as much as I do. Here are some of her—and our—favorites.

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People Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Commit Murder

In recent years, thrillers with unreliable narrators have become a thriving and best-selling genre, with books like GONE GIRL and THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN making way for countless others. I love thrillers because they invite the reader to try to put together a puzzle—to solve a mystery or figure out where the plot is going before being told. And what could be more challenging than attempting to do this based on information from a narrator who may be lying or delusional?

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10 Books That Take You Inside the Strange and Wonderful World of Carnivals

Few things capture my imagination more than popcorn-smelling circus tents and the lights and sounds of the carnival midway. These places always seem full of mystery, romance, and oddity—and what the patrons see is only the beginning. These ten books will transport you to dark and glamorous carnivals and circuses, where nothing is as it seems.

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How Will Your Loved Ones Remember You?

CHARMING BILLY by Alice McDermott purports to be the life of Billy Lynch, a handsome, charming (as the title says), big-hearted man whose life was shaped by his first love. Upon returning to New York after World War II, Billy and his cousin Dennis spend the summer on Long Island renovating Dennis’s stepfather’s second home. While there, they meet a pair of Irish sisters, nannies to one of the wealthy families that summer in the palatial “cottages” of the Hamptons.

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A Laugh-Out-Loud Look at American History

American history is anything but a stodgy affair; it’s exciting, tragic, suspenseful, and horrifying. Probably even more surprising is that it can make you laugh—if you have the right teacher, that is. And Sarah Vowell, author of the new LAFAYETTE IN THE SOMEWHAT UNITED STATES and former editor of “This American Life,” is a great teacher. Her previous book, ASSASSINATION VACATION, is the perfect example of how history, especially when it is not about the victors, is fascinating, funny, and heartbreaking.

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Straight Off the Shelf: 7 Favorite Books from a Dog-Loving Author’s Shelf

The story of man and dog is a story of partnership dating back almost 15,000 years, and the relationships we have with our dogs have grown into something we value and love today—they are members of our family. In literature, dog stories can be some of the most uplifting, and among the most heartbreaking, stories we tell. They are as varied and amazing as dogs themselves, capable of surprise and wonder, for in our dogs, we often see ourselves.

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Here’s What Happens When Things Fall Apart

On a Sunday afternoon, I read the heartrending climax of Chigozie Obioma’s debut novel, THE FISHERMEN, breathlessly. When I got up, I was in a literary-induced fugue: I stumbled into my car, momentarily forgetting how to turn it on, wandered the grocery store and left empty-handed, and even abandoned the rest of the day’s plans. My brain seemed to be emptied of everything but this engrossing Cain and Abel story that stupefies and confounds with every turn of a page.

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Coincidence and Corruption in London’s Portobello Market

Stories of the ordinary, and of lives thrown together by chance and coincidence, have always fascinated me, and in Ruth Rendell’s wonderful PORTOBELLO, you will find both. Her characters are linked only by a postcode, living their small, unpeopled lives in the area of London’s Portobello market, until a simple twist of fate brings them together. Then their days become as complex, and as colorful, as the market itself.

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