A Book to Make You So Angry You’ll Do Anything to Help

I didn’t know anything about Tricks, by Ellen Hopkins, when I picked it up in 2009. I just thought the cover was interesting. Then, I read the blurb on the cover jacket and thought, “Whoa. This sounds intense.” And my instincts were right. This book made me angry. I wanted to do something to help the protagonists, even when they were doing horrible things to survive. I wanted to save them from themselves, to protect them, to tell them they’re worth everything in the world and to hug them until they believe it.

Wait a minute, gang. I’m way ahead of myself here.

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My Unbelievable Childhood With A Scary Mom

When it comes to scary mommies, Joan Crawford has absolutely nothing on Georgeann Rea.   Chanel Bonfire is the memoir of spirited and resilient Wendy Lawless, daughter of a narcissistic, boozy, pill-popping mother, Georgeann Rea. She terrorizes and emotionally abuses her children throughout their formative years until they finally decide to stop taking…

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Book That Changed My Life

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The book to read is not the one that thinks for you but the one which makes you think.

-Harper Lee