Can Cleaning A Closet Change Your Life?

The first book I ever acquired as an editor was It’s All Too Much,by Oprah organizer and clutter buster extraordinaire, Peter Walsh. To say this book changed my life is not an overstatement. I live in a very small house with two daughters. They are teenagers who, even though they are the same size, do not share shoes or clothes, and who have a serious nail polish collection, among other things. When I started working on this book with Peter, they were six and their collections were of stuffed animals and too many toys. The nail polish and clothing has never overwhelmed me but the stuffed animals and toys almost did. And not just because of the size differential.

The thing that is so great about Peter’s approach to clutter is that he actually addresses the reasons you have too much. He doesn’t just have you fill and file Container Store boxes, he makes you get rid of what you don’t need—and helps you understand why you held on to it in the first place and why it’s really okay to let go of it now.

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A Story That Took 10 Years To Tell

Carol Sklenicka is the author of “Raymond Carver: A Writer’s Life” -  named one of the “Best 10 Books of 2009″ by The New York Times Book Review, and one of the best 100 books of the year by The San Francisco Chronicle, The Oregonian, The Seattle Times, and The Washington…
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A 100-Year-Old Life Hack for Millennials

The coolest advice I’ve ever read wasn’t on a meme-studded list or pseudo-psychological article on my newsfeed. It was written more than a century ago, nestled within the six-year correspondence between poet Rainer Maria Rilke and student Franz Kappus. Letters to a Young Poet is a collection of Rilke’s letters…

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