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5 Historical Murder Mystery Novels That’ll Consume You
April 19 2022
6 Sweeping Novels to Savor Like Fine Wine
April 13 2022
6 Bold Novels That Imagine New Realities
March 1 2022
5 Mysterious Characters with Secrets You’ll Love to Unravel
February 25 2022
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6 Intriguing Novels About Lesser-Known Historical Figures and Events
November 19 2021
10 Historical Novels Perfect for Crisp Autumn Nights
October 11 2021
10 Books with Characters Who Feel Like Family by the End
September 8 2021
10 Crowd-Pleasing Books That Are Easy to Love
July 26 2021
8 Under-the-Radar Reads That Deserve All the Love
June 16 2021
Let Your Favorite Summer Tradition Choose Your Next Book
June 1 2021
7 Unique Historical Fiction Reads That Put a Twist on the Genre
May 20 2021
Your Fingers Will Be Singed From Turning the Pages of This Novel
May 4 2018
A Work of History and Imagination Like You’ve Never Seen Before
January 15 2018
A Daring Portrait of the World’s Most Famous Mother
October 6 2017
The Only Western Series You’ll Ever Need to Read
September 1 2017
Read These Books Before You Watch The Dark Tower Movie
July 31 2017
Here’s Why You Should Read This Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novel by Jennifer Egan
June 9 2017

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