Sarah Jane Abbott

Sarah Jane Abbott

Sarah Jane Abbott is an assistant editor for Paula Wiseman Books and Beach Lane Books, imprints of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing.  She grew up having Nancy Drew books read to her by her father, and is now an avid reader of mystery, thriller, and horror, along with everything from literary fiction to poetry to personal essays.  She graduated from Bucknell University with a degree in English and a concentration in creative writing.  Sarah Jane is an advocate of quasi-destructive book love – her best-loved volumes are highlighted, scribbled in, dog-eared, and wavy from being dropped in the bath tub.


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15 Edgar-Winning Mystery and True Crime Books

Every year, the Mystery Writers of America holds the Edgar Allan Poe Awards to honor the very best in mystery and crime fiction and nonfiction. Since we aren’t invited to tonight’s Edgar banquet (the apt dress code: “dress to kill”), we’ll celebrate by reading these captivating books that are all past winners of Edgar Awards.

Love a Good Unreliable Narrator? How About Three?

It’s well documented that I love a good unreliable narrator. So how could I resist a bestselling thriller that boasts three? THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN delves into the minds of a trio of women whose lives are intertwined in a story of obsession, lies, and secrets. More compelling than a love triangle, the triangle of deception created by these three characters makes it so the reader can’t really trust any of them.

10 Books on Astrophysics That Will Make You Neil deGrasse Tyson-Smart

For a couple years when I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronomer. I subscribed to Astronomy magazine, eagerly muddled my way through complex scientific articles, and marveled at breathtaking photos of cosmic objects. The vast universe seemed as mysterious as it was beautiful. Though I didn’t become a scientist (astronomy involves a lot of math), the night sky continues to fill me with curiosity. The universe holds the answers to so many fundamental questions: How did life begin? How does the flow of time work? Could there be other dimensions and other Earths out there? If you’re a stargazer like me, here are 10 books that will take you through our galaxy and beyond.

Happy Pi Day! 13 Sweet Books for Mathletes and Pie Lovers

Every year on March 14th, math lovers around the world celebrate Pi Day (3/14, get it?) by reciting the digits of pi, doing math activities, and eating pie. I’m no mathematician, but I can definitely get behind a holiday that involves delicious baked goods. In honor of the occasion, we’re cozying up with some dessert and reading these pi—and pie—related books.

What We’re Reading for Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge

At the start of each year, we always look forward to the unveiling of Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge. Their list of 24 book prompts is the basis of their challenge to the literary community to read more widely, read more diversely, and try genres and topics we might never pick up otherwise. The list this year is no exception, and we are so excited to get reading! Here are some of our recommendations for the challenge. Read along with us or visit Book Riot to create your own list.

Water Cooler Book Club: 14 Books About Life in a Cubicle

The office can be a strange place, from office politics to meetings that could have just been an e-mail to water-cooler gossip to conflicts over who ate whose yogurt in the communal fridge. It’s no wonder that shows like “The Office” and comic strips like “Dilbert” are so popular as a humorous outlet for office dwellers, reflecting the camaraderie as well as the drudgery of workplace life.

For those of us who spend a large portion of our lives behind cubicle walls, here are some fictional offices to make us feel better about our real ones, parodies to make us laugh about the daily workplace grind, and guides that provide real-life tips to survive and thrive in the office.

In Memoriam: 12 Authors We Lost Too Soon in 2016

In 2016, we said good-bye to many literary luminaries. These authors have inspired us, challenged us to think deeply, and opened windows into the lives and struggles of others. Here we remember some of the award winners, trailblazers, and creators of beloved classics whose works will stand the test of time.

12 Super Sleuthy Books for Grown-Up Fans of Nancy Drew

When I was young, there was nothing more thrilling than pulling a brand-new, yellow-spined Nancy Drew mystery off my shelf. What new adventures would the girl detective encounter with her blue roadster gassed up and her faithful friends Bess and George at her side? I couldn’t wait to dive into her world again, and with every chapter-ending cliffhanger, I’d breathlessly ask to have just one more chapter read to me. If as an adult you are awash with nostalgia for the Nancy Drew series, here are some grown-up female sleuths with continuing series to devour.

Memory, Obsession, and the Fragility of Adolescence

As I read Emma Cline’s engrossing debut novel THE GIRLS, I was struck by how much it reminded me of Jeffrey Eugenides’s Pulitzer Prize–winning debut novel, THE VIRGIN SUICIDES. Both of these novels are stunning in the beauty of their prose and the depth of their perception about adolescence, memory, and obsession.

15 Great Books for Young Readers On Your Holiday List

With the holidays right around the corner, many of us have young people in our lives to buy gifts for. What better gift than a book? If you need fresh suggestions since our last children’s book gift guide, here are even more wonderful books for the little bookworms in your life—from infant up through young adult.

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