Greatest Hits: 7 Popular Book Reviews from 2014

We've had a great year so far and it's all thanks to you, our supporters and readers! In the spirit of the holidays, we decided to put together a list of our seven most popular reviews. As you've noticed, we review books of all kinds, and this list is no different. Sit back, relax, and peruse. There are plenty of wonderful books here to further fill your shelves! 

Letting it Go: My Quest to Be as Organized as Oprah (a review of It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh)

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When Writers Write For Themselves

Antwerp is a funny little book. It’s comprised of 54 sections and is hardly eighty pages in length. I say “sections” because chapters suggest something complete, a beginning and an end, an unfolding of events. Sections, however, are more open-ended, neutral; they merely act as distinguishing marks, and say nothing…

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Hack Into This Controversial Book

I read Little Brother by Cory Doctorow while on vacation at Disney World last month. I hadn’t visited in nine years, and things have changed quite a bit. Boy oh boy, was I shocked to realize that to enter the park using a “MagicBand,” Disney also requires your fingerprint at…

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Book That Changed My Life

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