Posts by Nikki Barnhart

8 More Wonderful Epigraphs to Kick Off 2019
January 31 2019
6 Essay Collections on Why We Should All Be Feminists
November 23 2018
8 Exquisite Epigraphs You Shouldn’t Overlook
November 15 2018
4 Coming-of-Age Novels to Add to Your Reading List
November 8 2018
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November 6 2018
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November 1 2018
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August 29 2018
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August 17 2018
Story Collections for People Who Don’t Read Short Stories
May 22 2018
A Book Lover’s Novel of Insatiable Wanting
May 11 2018
7 Books to Read After Graduation (No Quizzes, I Promise)
May 10 2018
This Book Will Chill You to the Bone, But You Won’t Know Why
April 4 2018
11 Novels from Irish Authors You Need to Read Now
March 16 2018
The 5 Best Books I Read Last Month
March 14 2018
A Quick, Hypnotic Novel from a Literary Legend
March 9 2018
Why I Keep Returning to This Well-Loved Book
November 7 2017

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