Posts by Cara Nesi

3 Must-Read LGBTQ Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels
October 23 2019
5 Books to Read If You Love Good Omens
May 29 2019
Celeb Memoirs that Make You Want to Be Their BFF
March 15 2019
5 Women Writers Breaking the Mold
March 5 2019
Learn How to Stick It to the Man with These 6 Books
February 8 2019
Get Lit with Cara’s Top 5 Reads of 2018!
December 27 2018
Make Your Holiday Travels Fly By with These Audiobooks
December 21 2018
4 Out of This World Reads to Give Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fans!
December 8 2018
A NaNoWriMo Writing Guide for Different Genres
November 12 2018
NaNoWriMo: What to Read Based on Your Writing Style
November 8 2018
Worried about NaNoWriMo? I’ve Got the Books to Help!
November 6 2018
5 of My Favorite Authors for #NationalAuthorsDay
November 1 2018
Last-Minute Literary Halloween Costumes!
October 22 2018
Going Pumpkin Picking? Pick Up These Iconic Orange-Colored Books Instead!
October 15 2018
Limetown is getting a show on Facebook Watch!
October 10 2018
Desperate for More Horror in between AHS: Apocalypse?
October 2 2018
5 Books to Read if You Are Obsessed with Podcasts
September 27 2018
5 Must-Read Books for Women, Featuring Strong Females
August 23 2018
What to Read while You’re Sipping on Vino in Italy
July 21 2018
Books to Read After Reading The Power
July 18 2018
How to Read in the Car Without Getting (Motion) Sick!
July 3 2018
What to Read While You’re Waiting for Westworld to Return
July 1 2018
9 Indie Bookstores to Follow on Instagram
June 19 2018

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