Last-Minute Literary Halloween Costumes!

Cara Nesi
October 22 2018
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Guys, Halloween is here and I haven’t even started thinking about my costume! It doesn’t matter that I don’t know what my plans are, however. I still have time to get it together. Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year, and I’ve always loved the chance to dress up, look spooky, and slather on some gorgeous black lipstick. If you’re last-minute like me and are starting to sweat under the pressure of coming up with something cool and book-centric to wear, I’ve got some suggestions. And since we’re under a time crunch, the costume ideas I’ve come up with are all super easy to throw together.


Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat

I know you guys aren’t babies, but if they can do it, you can grab a friend, put on a bright red shirt and a fluffy blue wig, and step out in this fantastic costume!


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The Handmaid’s Tale

I’m absolutely not advocating for those very strange sex-handmaid’s costumes. But if you want something totally on-point culture wise and you’ve got a red dress and a white bonnet, then this is easy to pull off. Bonus points for the cape!


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Max from Where the Wild Things Are

The temperature is dropping fast, and if you’re like me and hate trick-or-treating when you’re freezing, you can’t go wrong with a Max costume. With a gray onesie (which I’m more than happy to admit that I own already) and a paper crown, your costume is good to go!


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Olivia is a total classic when it comes to literary picture book characters, and a costume can be really simple to assemble. With a red dress black-and-white-striped stockings, and cute pig ears, you’re all set!


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Waldo from Where’s Waldo? 

Listen, if you have a red-and-white striped long-sleeve T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a stocking cap, you can pull off a Waldo look. It is literally foolproof. Extra points if paired with a walking stick! I would suggest this costume to those of us who will continue to put this off and wake up on Halloween with a last-minute plan to get drinks with friends and no costume. You can thank me later.


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