5 Women Writers Breaking the Mold

Cara Nesi
March 5 2019
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Early last year, the New York Times Book Review published an incredible list of books by women who were shaping our fiction in the 21stcentury, and I’ve been obsessively reading through it ever since. It was such a perfect list to highlight some of the kickass women who are writing today, and breaking open fiction in countless different ways. But a list of 15 women to read is not nearly enough to satisfy (me). Honestly, I would read through a hundred books by a hundred of these subversive women, to see where the boundaries of our fiction lie, and how women are purposefully and willfully leaping over these constraints. So here are some authors and novels that I wish were included in the Times’s New Vanguard list.

Photo by Kat Stokes on Unsplash

This post was originally published on GetLiterary.com.

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