14 Magnificent Audiobooks That Make Great Gifts

Doesn’t it feel like there are just too many great books on your reading list and not enough time to get to all of them? We feel your pain and have a suggestion: Incorporate audiobooks into your literary diet. At Off the Shelf, we’re pros at balancing reading great books and listening to great audiobooks—as evidenced by our star-studded, amazing, spectacular, phenomenal, outstanding, exceptional, fantastic, and brilliant audiobook lists. Here are 14 more audiobooks to add to your ever-growing reading list—and they make perfect stocking stuffers too.

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12 Star-Studded Audiobooks That Are Like Movies for Your Ears

Hearing the audiobooks of ME BEFORE YOU and GIRL ON THE TRAIN ahead of their movie releases, I was so excited to hear the words come to life as I imagined the actors in their respective roles. The audiobooks on today’s list have gotten the Hollywood treatment, but in a different sense. No need to wait for them to hit the big screen, these audiobooks are read by some of the best actors of stage and screen.

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9 Amazing Audiobook Picks from an Industry Insider

I LOVE books but with young children, work, a marriage, a house, most days are a juggling act with no downtime to sit and read for fun. I have worked in audiobook publishing for years and listened sporadically but never embraced the format completely until recently. Now I listen anytime, anywhere: on the train, the bus, getting groceries or coffee, cooking, cleaning, walking and even going to bed. Through audiobooks I regained my “me time” without taking away from other priorities.

June is Audiobook Month and to celebrate, here are some of the books I could not stop listening to. Also, many bestselling authors have participated in “A Good Audiobook Speaks Volumes” video series to celebrate their love of audiobooks. I’ve included some of them here—enjoy!

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13 Outstanding Audiobooks for Every Book Listener on Your List

As you know, we at Off the Shelf are huge fans of audiobooks. You can find some of our favorites on our brilliant, fantastic, and exceptional audiobook lists. This holiday, why not gift them to family and friends? We’ve already made a shopping list for you. Here are thirteen racy, informative, thrilling, heartfelt, and funny audiobooks that will make great gifts this season.

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11 Exceptional Audiobooks for Your Every Mood

If our last two brilliant and fantastic audiobook lists haven’t convinced you that listening to a great audiobook is a fully satisfying experience, the eleven on this list—which are hilarious, thrilling, informative, and inspirational—will surely do the trick.

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11 Fantastic Audiobooks You Can’t Miss

I grew up surrounded by books—and even more memorably, by the sound of books. I did my math homework while playing Harry Potter audiobooks, fell asleep to the sound of my mother reading aloud, and listened to countless mystery novels on tape during family road trips. To this day, I’m hard-pressed to think of an experience as simple yet as satisfying as listening to a beautiful story read aloud. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but judging by the immersive experience these eleven audiobooks give us, a sound can be worth a whole lot more.

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