Emma Volk

Emma Volk

Emma Volk is a summer intern at Touchstone, a imprint of Simon & Schuster. She studies English at Columbia University and is the Design Editor for the Columbia Daily Spectator. While classics like The Great Gatsby and The House of Mirth will always hold a special place in her heart and on her shelf, she also enjoys a range of modern and literary fiction.

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11 Novels that Will Have You Seeing Double

Thanks in large part to “The Parent Trap,” one of my greatest wishes growing up was to discover my own separated-at-birth twin. We’d wear matching outfits and fool everyone into thinking we were the same person so I’d never have to do anything I hated again (conveniently, my imaginary twin would love taking math tests). These days, I’m resigned to my lot as a solo zygote, but the mystique of twins has never worn off. Whether you are a twin or simply dream of being one, these eleven books will have you seeing double.

11 Ground-breaking LGBTQ Novels

If you’re still high on exhilaration from June’s historic Supreme Court decision, we don’t blame you. Looking for ways to keep celebrating pride in all its forms? We’ve got you covered with our list of eleven works of LGBTQ–centric fiction. As these powerful novels remind us, life isn’t all rainbows but it is certainly worth fighting for.

14 Must-Read Books Set Under the African Sun

Plane tickets are expensive, but that’s where the beauty of armchair adventuring comes in. If the lush African landscape described in Paula McClain’s Circling the Sun had you dreaming of savannahs while you were stuck in suburbia, these are the books for you.

11 Delightful Tales Set in Our Favorite Place—Bookstores!

My happy place is Twelfth and Broadway, in the stacks of $1 used books outside Strand Bookstore. Hours blur by as I dig through the piles, flipping through the pages of jacketless hardcovers and battered paperbacks. Half treasure hunt, half meditative experience, time spent in a bookstore is never time wasted. So if you’re looking for the perfect place to unload some of your recently acquired holiday cash, pay homage to the bibliophile’s paradise and pick up one of these eleven books set in bookshops.

12 Bloody Good Mysteries—Even for the Faint of Heart

As the days get shorter and crisper I always find myself gravitating toward suspenseful detective stories. Something about this genre feels tailor-made for reading curled up with a blanket and a hot drink—but sadistic murders and nonstop violence don’t really fit that cozy mood. Looking to indulge in a bloody good mystery this fall, rather than a bloody one? Check out our list of twelve whodunits for when you want some good old-fashioned sleuthing sans the gore.

11 Delicious Food Novels to Savor

Food nourishes the body, books nourish the mind, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s about all you need. It’s only natural to merge life’s two necessities into one tasty genre: foodie fiction. Whether you’re craving espionage, romance, or lemon cake, whet your appetite on one of these eleven novels where food takes a starring role.

9 Book Club Books that Celebrate the Pleasure of Reading Together

The first book my book club read was A Mouse Called Wolf, a one-hundred-page paperback about a little mouse who learns he can sing. At the meeting, we ate Hershey’s kisses (Wolf’s favorite snack!) and earnestly discussed favorite characters. We were seven years old. This monthly mother-daughter book club was a fixture of my life for the next eleven years, and while the reading fare evolved drastically as time went on, the simple pleasures of tea, snacks, and chatting about a good book stayed the same. These nine books about book clubs are full of that same priceless camaraderie—make sure to have a friend on standby for some post-reading discussion and a hot mug of tea.

7 Books to Help You Reorganize, Reinvent, and Rejuvenate

Why put off spring cleaning until the spring? Thanks to the back-to-school energy in the crisp October air, fall is the perfect time for organization and reinvention. Get inspired with these seven books that will help you declutter your home and rejuvenate your mind!

9 Novels of Scandal and Intrigue in Britain’s Tudor Court

Intrigue, scandal, and powerful women. Nobody does courtly drama quite like Philippa Gregory. From the dynastic Wars of the Roses to the rise and dramatic fall of the House of Tudor, Philippa brings fresh passion and depth to Britain’s most storied eras by uncovering the powerful tales of history’s forgotten women.

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