Daniel Loedel

Daniel Loedel

Daniel Loedel is an associate editor at Scribner. He came to publishing after attending Brown University, where he founded The Round Magazine, and spending some time translating in Argentina. Prior to joining Scribner in 2014, he worked for several years at Atria Books. His authors have been New York Times bestsellers and won many accolades, including the Crawford Award, the Lucy Cavendish Prize, and the Booker Prize. He is interested primarily in literary fiction and nonfiction, and has a soft spot for strong characters, new ideas, and dark underbellies.

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An Enchanting Story of a Modern-Day Invisible Man

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I recently revisited Aravind Adiga’s THE WHITE TIGER to discern what about it so riveted and enchanted me when I first read it in college. I figured it had to be the first sentence. This was a book that enraptured me with its utterly distinct and unrelenting voice, and I thought it must have been the first sentence where I got a glimpse of that.

An Otherworldly Love Story of Magic and Danger

I know there are some snobby über-literary types out there who scoff when they’re told that one of the best—if not the best—writer about writing is Stephen King. I know, because I probably used to be one of them. Sure, back in the day I might have granted that his memoir ON WRITING is really useful and brilliant when it comes to learning the craft of writing. But what about the art of it? What can a super-commercial novelist like that teach me about my creative demons?

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