Share Hot Romances: 5 Regency Series to Heat Up Your Reading

Hot Romances: 5 Regency Series to Heat Up Your Reading

We are passionate readers who love nothing more than discovering fantastic books and sharing them with friends. We recommend books that move us to laughter and tears--and everything in between.

Trust us when we say, "You've got to read this!"

There are a million reasons to read romance novels and these authors offer some of the best: witty dialogue, charming characters, great plots, and hot passion. And the best part is when you fall in love with one book it is part of a multi-title series so can keep going – a little binge romance reading anyone?

The Viscount Who Loved Me
by Julia Quinn

The brilliant and seductive Bridgerton series, in this story the notorious rake, Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, pursues the beautiful Edwina Shefflield but is secretly falling for her meddlesome sister, Kate. A great story, loveable and lively characters with wicked senses of humor and intense chemistry mean an addictive series from a master of the genre.

To Pleasure a Prince
by Sabrina Jeffries

Part of the Royal Brotherhood series which focuses on three sons of the Prince of Wales born on the wrong side of the blanket and on the outside of society who are hellbent on satisfying passion but surprised at finding love. No one writes a better sex scene than Ms. Jeffries.

Seducing an Angel
by Mary Balogh

This is the fourth book in the series about the charming Huxtables, 3 sisters and a brother searching for love and passion in all the right places in Regency London. Stephen falls for a disgraced widow who is not looking for marriage but is instead hoping to snare a rich man to take her on as his mistress. Both get more than they bargain for. Balogh writes interesting lively characters and story lines with depth.

The Laird Who Loved Me
by Karen Hawkins

The last of the seductive Scottish MacLean series focuses on Caitlin Hurst whose attempt to trick the notoriously eligible Alexander MacLean into marriage in a previous book goes completely awry and in this tale she gets her comeuppance. The sexy chemistry between Caitlin and Alexander is more than enough to keep the pages turning.

The Revenge of Lord Eberlin
by Julia London

The second in The Secrets of Hadley Green series. This story features Count Eberlin, who has returned to Hadley Green, the site of his father’s hanging for thievery fifteen years ago. He has come to avenge his father and destroy the Countess of Ashwood, who as a young girl testified against his father. It turns out revenge is no match for major attraction. Hot Hot Hot and great storytelling.

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