Posts by Sarah Woodruff

9 Characters Rebuilding Their Worlds for the Better
January 6 2022
8 Courtroom Stories with Complicated Outcomes
November 24 2021
9 Darkly Funny Reads for When Life Feels Overwhelming
October 6 2021
8 Dynamite Reads Known to Cause Spontaneous Book Club Discussions
August 24 2021

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Interior of a theater
9 Larger-Than-Life Books That Remind Me of Broadway Musicals
July 1 2021
7 Awe-Inspiring Reads That Transcend Genre
February 18 2021
Stack of books
7 Absurd Books for Absurd Times
October 29 2020
12 Immersive Reads About Families: the Good, the Complicated, and the Crazy
August 26 2020
From the Stage to the Page: 9 Books That Fill The Broadway-Sized Hole in Our Hearts
June 2 2020
11 Autumnal Book Covers to Fall in Love With
October 3 2019
11 Irresistible Reads for Podcast Enthusiasts on International Podcast Day
September 30 2019
7 Domestic Thrillers to Binge-Read Right Now
September 6 2019
A Bookworm’s Summer School: 8 Nonfiction Reads That Will Make You Smarter
July 12 2019
A Reader’s Guide to the Impending Apocalypse
July 2 2019
I Spy 9 True Tales About Spies
May 1 2019
Confessions of a True Crime-Aholic: 11 Nonfiction Serial Killer Reads
April 25 2019
Revitalizing the Classics: 8 Literary Retellings You’ll Love
February 28 2019
9 International Thrillers to Sink Your Teeth Into
January 23 2019
A Book-Lovers International Travel List
January 2 2019
9 Royal Reads for Your Post-“Romanoffs” Binge
November 20 2018
An Inventive and Imaginative Novel About the Power of Words
October 30 2018
Double Your Dose of Literary Happiness with These 10 Books About Books
October 24 2018
Make the Most of Fall With These 13 Books Inspired by Seasonal Activities
October 2 2018
Plan Your Summer Activities with These 15 Fabulous Books
July 11 2018

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