Posts by Estefania Acquaviva

Satisfy Your Tiger King Obsession with These 5 Wild Nonfiction Books
May 6 2020
6 Novels for Dog Lovers to Complement Your Fur Baby Obsession
April 10 2020
When Books Are Your Person: 5 Must-Reads for Grey’s Anatomy Fans
March 10 2020
My Latinx TBR List: 6 Contemporary Books Everyone Should Read
February 25 2020
Our January Picks from Our Fave Celeb Book Clubs
January 28 2019
5 Books to Read if You Love Watching CBS Shows
December 17 2018
For Fans of 90 Day Fiancé: 5 Matched-for-Convenience Romances
November 21 2018
Our Picks of the 2018 Literary Awards Season
November 13 2018
Exclusive Excerpt of Lindsay Emory’s The Royal Runaway
October 31 2018
13 of the Scariest Lines from Our Favorite Horror Books
October 24 2018
Ellie Kemper on Her New Book My Squirrel Days
October 9 2018
Nothing Better than Enjoying National Coffee Day with a Great Book
September 28 2018

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