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Reading a new book in the grass
10 Debut Novels You’ll Be Delighted to Discover This Spring
March 22 2021
Woman reading in the sunshine
11 Delightful New Paperback Reads Coming Out This March
March 16 2021
Stacks of old books
Masterful Storytelling: 10 Novels Worth Savoring
March 4 2021
Woman reading by the Eiffel Tower
Longing to Travel? Explore France with These 9 Magnifique Reads
February 23 2021
Piles of paperback books
12 Heart-Stirring Books New in Paperback This February
February 15 2021
Person flipping through book pages
10 Compelling Reads New in Paperback This January
January 11 2021
Stack of books with coffee and flowers
10 Books About New Beginnings for a Brighter 2021
January 6 2021
Snowy forest
6 Alaskan Reads Packed with Snow and Adventure
December 17 2020
Woman reading on couch with coffee
10 Enchanting Books New in Paperback This December
December 14 2020
Book Therapy: 8 Soul-Soothing Reads That Help Us Quiet Our Anxieties
September 22 2020
Grab Your Sweater: 10 Thrillers to Read This Fall That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine
September 17 2020
10 Fantastic Fiction Novels New in Paperback This September
September 14 2020
10 True Stories with Narratives So Engrossing They Read Like Novels
August 27 2020
12 Classic Oprah Book Club Picks Guaranteed to Get Your Club Talking
August 5 2020
Missing the Thrill of International Games? Here Are 10 Gripping Sports Stories to Root For
July 23 2020
5 American Historical Fiction Novels That Beautifully Depict a Kaleidoscope of Experiences
July 21 2020
11 of the Hottest Books New in Paperback This July
July 20 2020
Set Sail for Distant Places and Times with These 10 Absorbing Historical Fiction Novels
July 1 2020
12 Captivating Books New in Paperback This June
June 15 2020
6 Powerful Novels that Capture the Impact of the Korean War
May 26 2020
10 Novels About Grief and Healing To Help Us All Feel Less Alone
May 20 2020
10 Beautifully Complex Stories About Multi-Generational Families
May 5 2020
Remembering the Holocaust: 9 Must-Read Memoirs Written by Survivors and Their Families
April 29 2020
Wrong Place, Wrong Time: 6 Novels with Suspicious Characters Who Have to Prove Their Own Innocence
April 3 2020

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