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Stack of paperback books in the sun
7 Novels Featuring Identity Crises to Save for a Restless Day
January 5 2023
New in Paperback: 6 December Releases to Carry into Next Year
December 26 2022
11 Lighthearted Reads with Big-Hearted Moments
December 20 2022
Person sitting on book stack
8 Engrossing Mysteries Spanning Multiple Time Periods
November 29 2022
Stacks of old books
10 Long-Running Series to Last You All Winter
November 17 2022
New in Paperback: 10 November Releases You’ll Gobble Up
November 10 2022
11 Authors We Can Always Count On
November 1 2022
8 Magical Reads Brewing with Spells, Curses, and Hexes
October 25 2022
Stack of paperback books in the sun
New in Paperback: 10 October Releases Primed for Autumn
October 3 2022
10 Eerie Book Club Picks Best Read with Others Nearby
September 28 2022
Hot drink and a stack of old books
10 Heartrending Reads Perfect for Jodi Picoult Fans
September 19 2022
8 Enchanting Reads for a Magical End-of-Summer Experience
August 30 2022
9 Breathtaking Memoirs That Don’t Hold Back
August 19 2022
New in Paperback: 10 August Page-Turners to Breeze Through
August 15 2022
10 Books Capturing the Complexities of Enduring Friendships
July 28 2022
8 Powerful Novels More People Should Be Talking About
July 22 2022
Summer Book Club Picks: 11 Novels Guaranteed to Enliven Discussions
July 19 2022
New in Paperback: 10 July Releases for When the Beach Calls
July 7 2022
Person sitting on book stack
10 Books That Take Place Over One Magical Summer
June 20 2022
Stack of books with headphones
10 Audiobooks with Ensemble Casts Who Bring Stories to Life
June 10 2022
New in Paperback: 11 May Reads That’ll Freshen Up Your TBR
May 13 2022
Rose flower inside of a book
11 Wedding Season Reads to Love and to Cherish
May 10 2022
11 Time-Bending Sagas for Fans of The Time Traveler’s Wife
April 14 2022
Stack of paperback books in the sun
New in Paperback: 10 April Releases to Light Up Your Life
April 8 2022

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