Seeking: Good, Old-Fashioned Suspense and Romance

November 10 2017
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Nearly everyone my age has been on an online dating app, if not searching for love themselves, then at least looking over a friend’s shoulder or advising their photo selection and personal bio. Dating apps can be a fantastic way to meet people with whom you might otherwise never cross paths. Perfect, right? Except when the excitement of new dates turns into exhaustive swiping and overanalysis of texts and screen banter. Inevitably my girlfriends begin to grumble about how much easier everything was before online expectations, app upgrades, and photo filters. No one had to deal with this 25 years ago! they moan. It was all so much easier back then!

Or was it?

Naturally, there have always been people who seek out love in unconventional ways, and the lack of cell phone technology never stopped them. Matchmakers, blind dates, and personal ads all offered variations of the same: the thrill of meeting the potential love of your life! After all, the worst that could happen is a bad date. Unless, of course, you’re Queen of Suspense Mary Higgins Clark, who can imagine many, many worse things . . .

In LOVES MUSIC, LOVES TO DANCE recent college grads Darcy and Erin move to New York City, hoping to pursue all the excitement the city has to offer, both in careers and romance. They agree to help a friend with a project researching the kinds of people who place personal ads. Answering a few ads seems like innocent fun—until Erin disappears. When her body is later discovered on an abandoned Manhattan pier with a dancing slipper on one foot, Darcy vows to find the murderer. Little does she know, the killer has already found Darcy and is determined to make her his next victim.

This classic Mary Higgins Clark novel may not reassure anyone looking for the nostalgia of twentieth-century dating, but it is perfect for readers longing for good, old-fashioned suspense. And it’s not as though the pages completely lack for love. Like any good Mary Higgins Clark book, there’s a handsome, sensitive man whose past makes him the ideal partner for our budding heroine. And true to form, Mary Higgins Clark keeps you guessing until the very end. Will Darcy solve her friend’s murder? Or will she become the killer’s next victim?

Whatever the outcome, by the last page of LOVES MUSIC, LOVES TO DANCE, you’ll be ready to give it to a friend who’s just dying to find a little romance . . . and ready to start Mary Higgins Clark’s new book, EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE!

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Loves Music, Loves to Dance
Mary Higgins Clark

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