Meet Your Match: Patti Stanger Tells You How to Find The Right One

February 19 2014
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A simple Google search of the phrase “Dating In New York” will deliver 560,000,000 results in just .29 seconds.  If the hunt for true love were so effortless and uncomplicated, it is highly doubtful that the Internet would contain this many pieces of information for one person to sift through.  But don’t cry in your pillow yet, ladies, because Patti Stanger is here to help you Become Your Own Matchmaker.

Before you venture out on Tinder, OKCupid or any other of the myriad dating websites and apps, Patti puts you through a ‘Dating Detox.’  Prepare to get clear on who you are, what you want, and what your deal breakers are.  This is a great reset button to hit if you just recently got out of a relationship.  Once you’ve finished the dating detox you’ll do a complete review of your appearance and wardrobe.  It’s a controversial section but Patti claims that she’s merely passing along what men have told her throughout her years of owning a very successful matchmaking service.  Warning:  It does get a little ridiculous.

There are six additional steps in the book that take you all the way through to negotiating a ring.  Although I didn’t agree with everything she proposes, there is excellent dating advice here and it’s delivered in hilarious Patti Stanger fashion.  Once you finish Become Your Own Matchmaker you’ll be using terms like ‘cusper,’ ‘the 4:1 rule,’ and my personal favorite – ‘Pair and a Spare.’

Technology has made it even easier to connect with the freaks, geeks, weirdos and psychos lurking within the New York dating scene or any city’s dating scene for that matter.  The path to love and relationships is a treacherous one but you can rest assured with Patti Stanger’s book you will be prepared to navigate the choppy dating waters.





Become Your Own Matchmaker
Patti Stanger

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Meet Your Match: Patti Stanger Tells You How to Find The Right One

By Gail Gonzales | February 19, 2014


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