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NYCC Giveaway: We’re Giving Away 35 Sets of the Lost Queen Series!
October 8 2020
12 of the Best Modern-Day Classics We’ll Keep on Our Shelves Forever
October 7 2020
8 Spellbinding Books by Alice Hoffman That Will Fill You With Love and Hope
October 5 2020
The 10 Most Popular Books That Captured Our Hearts This September
September 30 2020

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8 Unforgettable Novels We’ll Always Remember Reading in Quarantine
September 29 2020
Home Sweet Home: 8 Stirring Books That Remind Us of Our Beloved Hometowns
September 23 2020
The 10 Most Popular Books We Added to Our TBR This August
August 31 2020
Staff Picks: 6 of the Best Books We Read This Summer
August 24 2020
GIVEAWAY: Past Books From Our Favorite Authors and Their Upcoming Titles!
August 19 2020
9 Empowering Books About Dynamic Women Pursuing Their Dreams
5 Uproarious Audio Books to Make You Laugh Out Loud
August 14 2020
We’re Giving Away 100 Copies of Fredrik Backman’s New Novel!
August 4 2020
7 Paperback Books So Stunning You’ll Be Glad You Judged It By The Cover
July 30 2020
6 Utterly Charming Stories Perfect for Poolside Reading
July 15 2020
6 Gripping Books Author Megan Miranda Recommends
June 26 2020
Staff Picks: What Our Editorial Team Is Reading This Summer
June 22 2020
9 Books We’re Reading to Educate Ourselves on Anti-Racism
June 8 2020
6 Time-Warping Novels That Rewrite History
May 29 2020
7 Continents in 7 Books: Tour the World With these Vibrant Reads
May 27 2020
Quarantine Reading: 9 of the Best Books We’ve Read (So Far) in Social Isolation
May 21 2020
Influential Fiction: 9 Popular Books Our Readers Can’t Get Enough Of
May 14 2020
5 Books Cheryl Strayed Recommends for Sparking Creativity and Inspiring Bravery
May 12 2020
7 Compelling Novels About Mothers—The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy
May 4 2020
The 10 Most Popular Reads We Cozied Up With This April
April 30 2020

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