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Woman reading a book by the coast
Read by the Seaside with These 8 Shimmering Coastal Stories
March 24 2021
10 Historical Novels about Orphans and the Power of Found Family
March 11 2021
Reading by the fire with hot chocolate
8 Mesmerizing Gothic Novels to Read While the Winter Winds Blow
February 17 2021
11 Books about Iconic Women We’re Reading to Celebrate the First Female VP
January 20 2021

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The Lost Queen book by window
8 Sweeping Fantasy Novels for Leigh Bardugo Fans to Read Next
December 24 2020
7 Bite-Size Books That Pack a Powerful Punch
December 22 2020
Woman with a blanket, book, and coffee mug
10 Family Novels as Warm and Fuzzy as Your Favorite Sweater
November 26 2020
One by One with hot cocoa
5 Workplace Thrillers to Make You Miss Your Office (or Not!)
November 24 2020
Behind the Pen Name: 10 Female Authors with Ingenious Pseudonyms
October 13 2020
10 Charming Novels New in Paperback This October
October 12 2020
7 Electric Books That Will Excite the Extrovert in You
September 28 2020
Quarantine Travels: 10 Books to Help You Escape Your House Without Leaving the Couch
September 8 2020
10 Novels as Colorful and Cozy as an Autumn Afternoon
September 7 2020
Book Destinations: 10 Bellissimo Novels That Will Fly You to Italy
August 25 2020
7 Historical Novels That Bring Ancient Worlds to Life
August 20 2020
8 Unsettling Historical Thrillers That Will Haunt You Until the Last Page
August 11 2020
6 Stories With Fierce Female Friendships That Will Make You Want to Call Your Best Pals
July 27 2020
10 Summer Thrillers as Chilling as Your AC Unit
June 29 2020
7 Adventurous Novels That Will Whisk You Away on an Epic Journey Without Leaving Your Couch
June 23 2020
5 Immersive WWI Fiction Novels for Fans of “1917”
June 3 2020
Book Destinations: 5 Books That Will Fly You to Paris
June 1 2020
5 Historical Fiction Novels About WWII’s Lasting Impact on Japan
May 22 2020
11 Hilarious, Heartwarming Books to Read When You Need a Good Laugh
May 11 2020
7 Supernatural Crime Thrillers Sure to Keep You Up All Night
April 22 2020

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