Every Day We’re Scrolling: 10 Entertaining Apps to Download in 2020

April 23 2020
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Here’s a shower thought for you: How many miles have your thumbs scrolled? If you answered “thousands of miles AND I’M NOT SORRY ABOUT IT,” then yep, you’re one of us! But let’s be honest, there’s only so much distraction that Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can provide before the boredom creeps in. So x out of those anxiety-inducing feeds and download something more entertaining. These ten apps are getting me through each day.

  • PimsleurNow is the perfect time to learn a new language, but with so many language apps out there, it’s hard to know what to go with! I prefer those apps that actually focus on repetition and conversational skills. And Pimsleur makes it so easy. It has a hands-free mode, so you can give your eyes a rest while cooking and cleaning, and you can try out the app for free before purchasing.
  • HousepartyThis app is basically how I connect with my friends these days. Whenever you’re bored and in need of socializing, just hop on to play fun, free games like Trivia and Heads Up!, or just end up video chatting with your friends. This app is especially handy because it’ll alert your friends when you’re on, which is a lot easier and less obnoxious than texting “TALK TO ME PLS” every night.
  • GoodreadsThere’s so much you can do on this app. Here are some ideas: Take this opportunity to get your 2020 Reading Challenge in order. List every book you’ve ever read and want to read. Create a few fun bookshelves, like “Favorite Mysteries I’ve Read in 2019.” And start writing reviews, because I must scroll through them all whenever I finish reading a book and need more content to consume.
  • LetterboxdGoodreads for movies! You can add movies to your “diary” and see what your friends are reviewing. I usually hop on here after I finish watching something to discover some hilarious or enlightening insights. These film buffs are wonderfully witty, so it’s actually more entertaining than Twitter sometimes.
  • SoonIf you couldn’t already tell, I’m a huge fan of lists. In the Soon app, you can make a list for just about anything. I’ve been searching high and low for a social cataloging site where I could share my favorite podcasts with friends, and also see what their favorites are, and this app looks like it’s a winner. Now I’m just trying to convince everyone I know to join.…
  • Catan Universe I’m not much of an app game person, but I am a board game lover, so I had to at least include Catan. With Catan Universe, you can play with friends on your phone, and at the same time have a video chat going on your computer so it feels like you’re playing in real life. As a bonus, nobody can flip the table and mess up your roads and cities. For an even more immersive adventure experience, play the soundtrack to Lord of the Rings.
  • Citizen – This is a user-generated safety alert system. I’m not sure how updated this is in other parts of the world, but at least in NYC, this has been incredibly useful and a little bit terrifying, to be honest. It sends daily updates on local coronavirus cases. If I hear sirens, I’ll usually be able to go on here and see what’s happening nearby. Typically, a user will be live broadcasting or commenting on what’s happening. Warning though—this may make your anxiety level skyrocket.
  • Relax Melodies – This app has been a sanity-saver. You can put together your own sounds and drown out the neighbors yelling, the cats meowing, and, sometimes, the silence.
  • QuibiThis is actually genius. I must always be watching something while I eat, but there’s nothing out there under 20 minutes, unless I search through YouTube, which ends up taking 10 minutes in its own right. With these bite-sized shows, there’s always a personalized feed of short videos for my dinner-and-a-show needs.
  • TikTokI know you’ve been thinking about downloading it. But take this as a sign to just do it. For you coordinated folk out there, learning some dances on TikTok will help pass the time. Or, for a non-coordinated person like me, it’ll just make you realize how bored you are when you’re not reading. A nice break from routine, either way. I recommend starting with the “Savage” dance. The app also has so much more than just dances, so check it out for an excellent day well spent. 

This post was originally published on GetLiterary.com.

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