6 “Grown-Up” Reads to Enjoy if You Loved These Childhood Books

December 19 2019
Share 6 “Grown-Up” Reads to Enjoy if You Loved These Childhood Books

Every bookworm remembers that first novel that caught their heart. Over and over again, we’d return to that story and others, cracking the spines and turning the pages. We’d stay up late at night, reading under the blankets with a flashlight, accompanied only by the illuminated words and our imagination. The stories we fell in love with as children set the foundation for our love of literature today. But just because we’re older now does not mean our appreciation for those books has to fade. We all have to grow up eventually, but our favorite books can fuel us forever. So whether you’ve outgrown your favorite childhood novels, or simply read them so many times you’ve basically memorized them, here are 6 “grown-up” books that will evoke similar lasting feelings in you.

This post was originally published on GetLiterary.com.

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