Celebrate #NationalUnfriendDay with these 6 Empowering Friendship Books

November 15 2019
Share Celebrate #NationalUnfriendDay with these 6 Empowering Friendship Books

Out of the thousands of digital
“friends” and followers you have, how many can you truly count on to be there
for you? Who will answer your desperate 3 a.m. calls, or show up at your
doorstep, ready to help you move? Who forces you to go to the gym on the days
you’d rather be sleeping, or caves in and bakes a vat of brownies with you for
the third weekend in a row? I think it’s safe to assume that not all 2,157 of
your Facebook friends offer that kind of reliability.

I propose we celebrate National
Unfriend Day by cutting out the toxicity and making more room for those we
truly care about in life. I, for one, am all for an excuse to divulge in a
little self-care. So, go ahead and hit that “unfollow” button on the girl you
met in the bathroom line at college three years ago and never hung out with
again. Trust me, it’ll be good for you. It’s time to say “goodbye” to your fake
friends and “hello” to new beginnings.

Need an extra push? Here are a few books
that’ll remind you just how emotionally hindering bad friends can be, and how
empowering the true ones can be.

This post was originally published on GetLiterary.com.

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