Fall TV Fever: What to Read Based on Your Favorite Show

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October 16 2019
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Television shows
premiere year-round nowadays, it’s true, but there’s still something special
about the fall TV season. Whatever your taste in genre—police procedurals,
courtroom dramas, post-apocalyptic survival stories, sitcoms, teen soaps, you
name it—there’s a juicy series vying for your attention. And starting a new TV
show, like starting a new novel, means surrendering to a story that could take
you absolutely anywhere. It’s thrilling and completely addictive, and once
you’re invested, you want nothing more than to find out how it’s all going to
end. Now, with a book, that’s no problem: you can read it at your own pace,
reaching that last page as quickly or as slowly as you’d like. TV shows,
though, are a whole different matter: unless you binge-watch the whole series
after it wraps up, you’re in for a wait between seasons or even individual

Good thing that for every show making you wait for a new episode, there’s a book out there just waiting to be read. Here are our recommendations for what book to pick up next, based on your favorite fall show.

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