Instagram Can’t Get Enough of Three Women!

Morgan Hoit
August 6 2019
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It’s been one month since Three Women by Lisa Taddeo hit the shelves of bookstores across the world and it is impossible to open Instagram without spotting its iconic red, white, and black cover.  From Kelly Ripa to Elizabeth Gilbert to the larger bookstagram community, it feels like everyone has it in their beach bag this summer.  Three Women is not your average beach read – based on nearly a decade of reporting, Three Women is the riveting true story about the sex lives of three real American women.  The subject matter of the book is powerful, and the responses from the readers of Instagram have been honest, thoughtful, and impactful.  Here are seven of our favorites, but be warned: after reading these reviews, you’ll be racing to your local bookstore to get a copy for yourself.

Cassie, @book_gal

“Three Women is messy –
in the best way possible, because it’s real. Real life mess… Three Women
couldn’t have come at a better time. Us women need to get more comfortable in
our mess, our desire, our shame, our want. This book has opened up so much
discussion and I love that.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, @elizabeth_gilbert_writer

“The best book of the year is the one on the left [Three Women]…which
is a really good non-fiction companion to the one on the right [City of Girls]…
Both books are explorations of female sexual and emotion desire. But the one on
the left is deeply, powerfully, unforgettably true. And it was published
TODAY!!! Go get it!”

Hitha Palepu, @hithapalepu

“It’s a nonfiction book, but reads like a juicy novel that you cannot-will not put down. What makes Three Women so powerful is showing sexuality from the women’s point of view, compared to the historical and current masculine lens it’s always been portrayed. 

It’s one of
the best books I’ve read this year – and ever.”

Kelly Ripa, @kellyripa

“This book
is breathtaking. A must read. Read the prologue. Read the q and a with the
author at the end. Read from cover to cover. #wcw all
women ♥️”

Ana, @inquisitivebookworm

“By far one of the best books I’ve read so far this year! I don’t
know how Taddeo did it, but I could’ve sworn I was reading fiction… It’s such a
timely and raw exploration of women’s sexuality and the struggles of
femininity. If there’s one book you shouldn’t miss this year, it’s this one. 5⭐️”

Janelle, @shereadswithcats

“What I love
most, and what makes this book so special, is that Taddeo spectacularly writes
their stories without judgement and with unveiled honesty… THREE WOMEN is
compelling, thought-provoking, and reflective. I have nothing but respect for
these three women who let us into the depths of their inner thoughts and
desires. ★★★★★”

Nnenna, @scsreads

“I’m floored by the stories of these three women and the way that Taddeo has brought them to life. Their voices are so honest and vulnerable and beautiful to read. And I keep thinking about how we as women sometimes suppress our feelings and desires, until we can’t anymore.”

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