Everything You Need to Know about the After Sequel Adaptation

Jess Quinn
August 13 2019
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For those
of you (like me) who are obsessed with the Harry Styles fanfiction After, then you’ll be
very pleased to find out that the movie’s getting a sequel! The news of the
sequel came almost instantly after the release of the first film, which is a
big deal. The intoxicating love story between Tessa and Hardin is truly one for
the ages. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the two’s chemistry when I first saw the

Watch the sequel’s epic new trailer to see a glimpse of it yourself!

Here’s what we know SO FAR about the movie:

1. It’s going to be rated R (Steamy, amiright?).

There’s no use in denying that there was A LOT of sex in the first movie (as well, as in the books). However, since the movie was PG-13, they had to cut a lot of the more risqué scenes out. So, with this new R rating, we won’t have to leave much of Tessa and Hardin’s sex scenes to our imagination this time around.

2. Our attractive and charming leads, Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin, will be reprising their roles.

This was a relief to me. I grew attached to watching Josephine and Hero reenact the relationship between Tessa and Hardin that made the book series so appealing. Also, Hero’s a dreamboat. So, that’s another win.

3. The movie will be based on After We Collided.

Viewers were left, at the end of the first film, trying to figure out the status of Tessa and Hardin’s relationship. So, fear not, the sequel will give us the answers we need.

4. The screenplay will be written by our favorite author, Anna Todd, and Mario Celaya.

The first movie’s screenplay was written by Susan McMartin, Jenny Gage, and Tamara Chestna.

5. The film’s in pre-production, with a tentative release of sometime in 2020.

Since the first film released in April of this year, at least we won’t have to wait TOO long to fall back in love with Hardin’s British accent.

6. Harry Styles is still not associated in any way with the new film. *sigh*

I know, disappointing. I was hoping maybe, possibly, we’d get at least a cameo.

7. Anna Todd just announced on her Instagram that Dylan Sprouse will join the cast! ?

8. Roger Kumble will be directing the new movie.

He has directed a handful of other projects, including some episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Suits, as well as some of our favorite movies, Cruel Intentions, Just Friends, and The Sweetest Thing, to name a few.

9. They just started filming this week! (August 12, 2019)

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