Instant Reads: Books for Every Instant Hotel

Amy Cardoza
June 3 2019
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Deep within the recesses of Netflix is a true hidden gem hailing from the sunny isle of Australia. Instant Hotel (the Aussie way to describe an AirBnB) finds five couples competing to discover who has the coolest rentable home. Each house has its own special flair: an homage to the American rockin’ 60s, a wooded oasis, a giant shrine to the margarita…but which is best? Honestly, you come for the interior design but you stay for the insane personalities and absolute shade they throw at each other. It’s as if House Hunters met Real Housewives, and I am here for it. Of course, every home isn’t complete without books, so here’s some reads that would really accentuate the room. As Leroy would say, “the devil is in the details.”

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