Still Not Over Veep? Check Out These 7 Books

Carrie Cabral
May 22 2019
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Selina Meyer wasn’t the first woman president we wanted, but she certainly thought she was the one we deserved. With HBO’s Veep coming to a hilarious and fitting end, it’s important to remember that there is always humor to be found in the absurdity and frustration of the never-ending cycle of politics in this country. From podcasts to Netflix docs to our TBR piles, there’s no shortage of political content to help us fill the void Veep leaves in our lives. Selina Meyer was deeply problematic, but we loved her and her wildly incompetent team anyway; this list has books for all types of Veep watchers, from those praying for her not to fail, just once, to those loving the hilarity of the cast’s antics and general inability to function.

I hope you enjoy these recommendations. As President Meyer once said, “The level of incompetence is astounding.” Just hopefully not on this list.

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